what is cannabis

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the species name for the entire plant. There are several varieties of cannabis. The most important are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.  Various products can be made from the parts of the cannabis plant.

But the designation cannabis is also used for the product made from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Weed and marijuana are other names for the same product. This refers to the dried, crushed flower tops and leaves of the cannabis plant that have a psychoactive effect due to the presence of the substances THC and CBD.

Hashish (or hash) is made by collecting, drying and sifting different parts of the plant (including the flowers). When the sifted pellets of resin are compressed, an oil-rich pitch is created, from which slices are made.

Hash often has a higher THC content and, in that case, a stronger effect. But hash also has a higher CBD content which subdues or changes the effect of THC.

Hash and weed are usually mixed with tobacco and then smoked.