Hemp remediation for Japan, Fukushima

                  Fukushima Dai-ichi & Hemp

The planet is now facing  a nuclear disaster at least 10 times greater than the infamous Chernobyl reactor meltdown —  a magnitude often referred to by scientists as an “Extinction Level Event” (ELE).

The Japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi triple nuclear meltdown has already affected the US. Radioactive material has been spilling from the power plants since March 11, 2011, exposing every creature on Earth to plutonium, cesium 137, uranium, and other toxins that travel through the ocean, jet stream and food and water systems.  People every day drink, eat, breathe and wash with radioactive particles that cause disease, disaster and that could possibly end human life on earth.

To limit this catastrophe, all nations should cultivate radiation-eating fungi and plants such as cannabis/hemp to remediate the radiation and mend the ecosystem.

Medical cannabis and hash oil (such as ‘Rick Simpson’s oil’) reduce cancer risk, and hemp foods and beverages are an excellent nutrition source to bolster the immune systems of people and livestock.

Hemp is a biomass champion at cleaning the environment of many toxins including radiation, as demonstrated in the Chernobyl crisis.  High-melanin-content mushrooms that eat radiation are partners in a great phyto-remediation team to clean the environment.

Unused government land could be turned over to farmers who agree to grow hemp through FarmAid contracted by the UN and/or national governments.

Nuclear entombment using lead, aluminum, hempcrete building materials and hemp plastic with a free-energy cooling system (magnetic, hydro or solar) can contain and seal off the contaminated reactors and area. Nearby structures should be encased in hemp plastic or hempcrete and sealed to reduce indoor radiation.  Natural hemp garments are comfortable, stylish and people can wear them to block UV rays and otherwise reduce their risk.

The great stumbling block to healing the nations is cannabis prohibition, enforced by the US through the DEA at home and funding the Drug War abroad.

Fukushima is a man-made disaster. Cannabis/hemp is a natural herb offering a lifeline to the planet. Will future generations look back to see that America used its Drug War lies to block bio-remediation, or will the US abandon hemp prohibition to salvage the Earth? That depends on how many people step up to demand that America implement the hemp solution.

Source: The Leaf online - http://theleafonline.com/c/science/2013/10/hemp-remediation-for-japan/