macadamia hemp feta


1 ½ cup macadamia nuts

½ cup shelled hemp seeds

1 small onion

1  garlic glove

4 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

2 teaspoons paprika powder

1 teaspoon Celtic salt

In a food processor, thoroughly grind all the ingrediënts, but leave it a bit chuncky.

Drop heaping teaspoons onto Teflex-lined dehydrator trays and dehydrate for 6 hours

or more.

You can also use an oven, choose a temperature of 115F or less, in this way all the nutrients

remain intact.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigarator for up to a week or so.

This “feta” goes nicely on a salad or as a snack.

Macadamias are brimming with essential minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and heart-friendly

mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

The nutritional yeast  gives the cheesy flavor. Nutritional yeast is packed with

nutrition, particularly vitamin B12, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein.

It’s low in fat and gluten-free.

Combined with the high nutrional value of the hemp seeds this makes for a very healthy snack!

Source: International Cannabis Community Recipies and Styling: Karin Joosten Photography: Ron Kreeft