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Feed the world

There is absolutely no reason any child or person in the global community should be starving!!! HEMP SEED food protein could save many of the world's starving population (including our own here in the U.S.) now dying of protein starvation. An estimated 60% of all children born in Third World countries (about 12 - 20 million a year) will die of starvation before reaching five years old.

HEMP is a hearty plant that grows almost anywhere, even in adverse conditions - it's just weed! Politicians speak about ending world hunger and teaching people of the world to grow their own food and take care of themselves, but it is the War on Drugs that has taken food from their mouths in the first place. Making it Illegal to grow HEMP takes away vital resources for human kind and the planet.

For thousands of years HEMP SEEDS have been a primary food source for people all over the world. Before it was banned in 1937, hemp seeds saved both China and Australia from famine during food shortages. They used the HEMP SEEDS for protein and HEMP LEAVES for roughage... (you do not get high from eating the leaves - it must be heated or smoked to activate the THC and receive the "high")

HEMP SEEDS are the most nutritious food known to man, they contain protein, vitamins, minerals, all of the amino acids and the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids that are crucial for good health.

One handful a day is all an adult needs to survive and thrive.

You can eat HEMP SEEDS raw or roasted, it can be made into a milk, an oil or a cake flour.

Re-educate yourself with the facts and the benefits of HEMP and HEMP SEEDS our government has deprived us for far too long from this vital resource.


Dana Dwight

Dana Dwight is the founder and owner of the amazing Forbidden Leaf Hemp Seed Oil Lotion & Soap Co.

We are proud to have her as member of our team, sharing her knowledge and experience with us and the whole community.